LLHRC provides several opportunities to help you in training your dog. We hold regular club training days, put on seminars by professional trainers, and have resources and access to land for club members to train. There are also several small training groups that meet regularly where you can get individual help on an ongoing basis and get your dog ready for the fall hunting season or that next level of testing.

Typically Club training occurs at least twice per month during spring and summer with several upland training sessions throughout the winter and early spring months in preparation for upland tests. Club training days are a great place to get help and coaching on training your dog as there is always an experienced member there to help you get the most out the training session with your dog.

One of the great benefits of club membership is getting access to good grounds for training and finding other people to train with and even help you train your dog. All training days are free for members and visitors are always welcome! Stop by at one of the upcoming training days and check it out, just be sure to bring your dog!

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