The Land of Lakes Hunting Retriever Club was started in 1996. Since then we have become the fasted growing Retriever Club in Minnesota. Over 75 members strong, Land of Lakes HRC is a fun group of retriever enthusiasts, dedicated to preserving game through great dogs, and lots of fun!


Land of Lakes HRC General Membership Meeting each month is held at Green Mill in Blaine near 35W and Lexington Ave. We meet around 6pm for food and social hour and our meeting is called to order around 6:30m and runs until about 8:00pm or so. You don’t have to order food or drink, but they will be available for purchase. Anybody who is interested in joining Land of Lakes Hunting Retriever Club or would like to find out more about our club is more than welcome. All current LLHRC members are encouraged to attend as well. If you wish to discuss a particular topic or make a presentation, please contact Jason Siverson prior to the scheduled meeting. Meetings just prior to Hunt Tests we don’t meet at Gander Mountain, rather we hold the meeting while working on the Equipment Trailer. Check the calendar for the location of these meetings.

About the HRC Program

LLHRC is affiliated with the Hunting Retriever Club – a network of clubs in the United States and Canada that hold licensed events to test dog’s instincts and training. With HRC you and your retriever will hunt to the gun in true-to-life hunting situations. Each successful dog will be awarded a title that will go on its pedigree – Started Hunting Retriever (SHR), Hunting Retriever (HR), Hunting Retriever Champion (HRCH), or Grand Hunting Retriever Champion (GRHRCH). Since our first HRCH title was conferred in 1984, hundreds of dogs have earned this coveted title. And at HRC events, your dog has an opportunity to earn points toward these hunting titles.

We are looking for individuals that believe, like us, that a good dog is one of the best conservation tools to the hunter. No matter where you presently might be in training your retriever, Started, Seasoned, or Finished, our organization is for you. We provide hunting tests in these three categories at each of our events.

The Hunting Retriever Club has something else no other group can claim – the backing of the United Kennel Club, Inc., since 1898, the world’s largest registry for hunting dogs. Although the UKC sponsors more hunting events than any other organization, UKC gives us the freedom to create the running rules and to run the events the way we know they should be.

What the Hunting Retriever Program does for you and your dog:

  • Allows your dog to compete against a set standard, rather than other dogs, without facing disqualification for failing a test. Every dog runs all the tests for experience.
  • Provides a program where the hunter handles the gun and the dog hunts to the gun.
  • Awards five titles:
    • Started Hunting Retriever (SHR)
    • Hunting Retriever (HR)
    • Hunting Retriever Champion (HRCH)
    • Grand Hunting Retriever Champion (GRHRCH)
    • Upland Hunter (UH)
  • Designates and Certifies your dog “HR” (Hunting Retriever) when it earns forty points.
  • Maintains a dedicated Hunting Retriever stud book. This ensures that current and future hunters will have a source of retrievers that have proven themselves as hunters.
  • Tests dogs with the same challenges and distances you face when hunting.
  • Helps you form new HRC clubs in your area.
  • Includes a year’s subscription to HUNTING RETRIEVER, a high quality, informative, bimonthly magazine, the official publication of the HRC/UKC.
  • Educates hunters through a no-nonsense, true-to-life training and testing program – where hunter helps hunter within the local clubs.

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